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Skin Diseases

Age Miracle/Anti Wrinkle

A person does not have to be old in years to show the “Tell Tale” signs of an aging skin. Aging of the skin is more likely to be a product of abuse by the environment than of the advance of time.


Skin is a feature that may make all the difference in how old an individual looks. If skin is leathery or wrinkly, it can make you look a decade older than you really are. By the same token, smooth and supple skin can take years off your appearance right away. It is for this reason that it’s important to look after your skin. For some, it’d be too late to take preventative measures, but anti ageing skincare can work wonders in reversing the years.

FAQs about Age Miracle/Anti Wrinkle


1. What do you do in Holistic Treatment at Valeda?

Holistic care means the care for the whole person that is mind,body and spirit and not the disease /problem/symptoms alone.holistic system believes that the whole person is made up of independent parts and if one part is not working properly ,all the other part will be affected ,in this way ,if people have imbalances [physical,mental,emotional or spiritual] in their lives it can negatively affect their overall skin and hair , holistic treatment would thus not only remove the symptoms along with underlying cause of your problem /disease but would then after also maintain your overall well being


Holistic treatment at valeda is practiced in partnership with our patient . we shall diagnose the root causative factors of your problem by latest scientific modalities . the cause may not necessarily into the problem area. It can be some other dysfunctional organ of the body .the cause may or may not be medically significant. The causative factor will decide the treatment strategy that shall be a combination of

EXTERNAL and INTERNAL WELLNESS divided into following four  components:

1. Holistic oral remedies based on your individual constitution. The constitution here refers to basic makeup of an individual right from his stage from mother’s womb.


2. Holistic external treatment procedure that are time tested with us since 32 years.


3. Holistic external application for home use.these contain organic herbal inclusion.


4. INTERNAL WELLNESS -has three pillar .a.Valeda medical yoga to destress,relax you at physical and mental level,b.detoxify you at physical and mental level, c.the constitutional diet plan


By adopting  holistic treatment at valeda ,one does not get rid of symptoms of his skin or hair problem but learn how to maintain problem free skin and hair on a long term basis. Moreover through online system at valedalife.in one can propagate his wellness experience worldwide for others to benefit. For this noble work one gets financially rewarded too through computerized system


2. How is Holistic Treatment for Wrinkles better than conventional Botox?

Wrinkles can be classified as Static wrinkles which follow normal facial expression

Dynamic wrinkle which  follow ageing and physical tension.


Borox injection. Instead of paralyzing the muscle in the way botox does.

As botox was first used for people who were cross eyed or had uncontrolled blink, excessive sweating, chronic migraine,

holistic way is the new botox which  wake the muscles up and strengthen collagen and elastin fibres in skin for fresher and younger looks


The difference between both of these approaches lies into the after effect of the treatment. On one hand you have 100% safe holistic treatment where you will suffer from no side effects and feel better as a whole after the completion of this permanent treatment and on the other hand there is botox where you are injected with chemicals for only the cosmetic effect of the drugs. The botox treatment will bring various side effects with it such as irritation, redness, permanent scarring, pain and constant feel of discomfort.


3. How long will the treatment last?

The no. of sessions in the treatment will depend upon your present condition of the skin and desired results.


4. What is the Post treatment care?

After each session you will be given specific guidelines on how to take care of your skin. Various precautions need to be followed in general such as cleansing of the area, preventing it from direct sun and avoiding use of any harmful chemicals present in most of the products available in the market.


5. Are there any side effects?



6. Can you suggest any cream for home care wrinkles management?

Valeda Herbal Anti Wrinkle Cream


7. Where can I get more information and tips about my problems?

You can follow us on our blog, facebook page @valedaclinic and youtube channel @valeda doctor.


8. How much will the treatment cost?

Exact treatment will be decided after consultation by doctor. Some of the treatments mentioned are:

Antiageing topicals, with their multiple claims, seemingly limitless key active ingredients, and complex formulations are leading the way in this huge growth industry of cosmeceuticals, especially as this segment of the population opts for less invasive, non-surgical alternatives to slow the effects of ageing on the skin. But how to trust?


Why Valeda? How are treatments at Valeda different from any conventional mode?


Basis of treatment at Valeda


The basis of treatment at Valeda is treating the problem through Holistic Modes. A complete judicious program is required for the same.


The problem is not just external, there are many other causative factors in some other internal areas which are thoroughly analyzed during your consultation before starting the treatment.


The causative factors may not be necessarily based into the affected region and may be associated with disorders of internal organs.


It is, ‘the nature of the problem’ that calls in for the strategy of the treatment which may include internal remedies supported by external modalities like:- localized immune-enhancer activities to affected region i.e. acupuncture, applications of products with certified organic herbs, modernized cosmetology and procedures based on ancient principles as mentioned in classical text including Constitutional diet & Yoga. On examination by the concerned Doctor and on case taking these details are given to you as a routine procedure.

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