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Corn usually appears when a prominent bone in the foot presses against the inside of your shoe. The pressure causes the skin to thicken just at that point of making hard surface. This hard surface then becomes the core of the corn which penetrates deep into the foot. The corn becomes cone shaped with the point facing inward which in turn presses on the nerves.

FAQs about Corn

1. Are Corns treatable?

Corns are thick, hard, dry and rough dead areas on the skin that develop by repeated bone pressure against the skin. Corn develops naturally to help protect the skin underneath them, they are common on the tops and sides of the toes and on the balls of the feet. Corn can be hard or soft.
Common causes are arthritis or poorly fitting shoes.
Corn can be successfully treated in a holistic way, starting with measures such as wearing shoes that properly fit you and keep your toenails trimmed.

2. What do you do in Holistic Treatment at Valeda?

Holistic care means the care for the whole person that is his mind, body and spirit and not the disease/ problem/ symptoms alone. Holistic system believes that the whole person is made up of independent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in their lives it can negatively affect their overall skin and hair. Holistic treatment would thus not only remove the symptoms along with the underlying cause of your problem / disease but would then also maintain your overall well being. To attain the Holistic Wellness the doctors at Valeda have envisaged the easy path that constitutes a Procedure Plan and a Product Plan. The Procedure Plan shall include the Constitutional Diet and Constitutional Homoeopathic Medicines along with Divine Detoxification and Relaxation. The Product Plan includes selected external applications for management of problem symptoms.

Holistic treatment at Valeda is practiced in partnership of doctors with their patients. We shall holistically diagnose the root causative factors of your problem and if need be then also by latest scientific modalities. The cause may not necessarily be into the problem area. It can be some other functional organ of the body. The cause may or may not be medically significant. The causative factors will decide the treatment strategy.

3. Are you having any solution for instant removal of Corns?

The pathological transformation of the skin into a thick and hard skin due to repetitive trauma or friction is commonly called corn. Although a variety of medical and operative choices have been proposed as the ideal treatment method in the conventional system is yet to be defined. If corn is a chronic problem, start the Valeda holistic treatment, along with it special shoe inserts are required if there is an abnormality in your foot structure that is causing continuous pressure or friction.

4. I always cut my corn but it regrows. Can it go permanently?

Cutting corn or callus yourself can cause so many bad effects, as you will get infection in wounds easily mostly in warm and moist environments, corn can be extremely painful because the tip can hit a nerve.
Corns are easy to take out and regrow back until and unless the cause of pressure, diabetes, poor circulation is not addressed.

5. How long will the treatment last?

The causative factors may not be necessarily based into the affected region and may be associated with disorders of internal organs. It is, 'the nature of the problem' that calls in for the strategy of the treatment. On examination by the concerned Doctor and in case taking these details are given to you as a routine procedure, duration of treatment varies from 1 person to another, it may take 3 to 6 months time.

6. Are there any side effects?

Treatments are safe and have been practiced since 36 years in Valeda. There are no side effects.

7. Where can I get more information and tips about my problems?

You can follow us on our Valeda blog, facebook page @valedaclinic and YouTube channel @Valeda doctor. Ever since the year 1990 our Dr Seema Bali is often invited to express her views on this topic on various TV channels. More than hundred of TV recordings of her programs are available on YouTube channel; please visit

8. How much will the treatment cost?

Treatment cost will depend on the procedures recommended by the doctor taking the consultation. Recommended procedures depend on the nature of the problem and certain individual factors. Cost of some of the treatments & procedures for reference is mentioned in the following table:

Why Valeda? How are treatments at Valeda different from any conventional mode?

Basis of treatment at Valeda

The basis of treatment at Valeda is treating the problem through Holistic Modes. A complete judicious program is required for the same.

The problem is not just external, there are many other causative factors in some other internal areas which are thoroughly analyzed during your consultation before starting the treatment.

The causative factors may not be necessarily based into the affected region and may be associated with disorders of internal organs.

It is, 'the nature of the problem' that calls in for the strategy of the treatment which may include internal remedies supported by external modalities like:- localized immune-enhancer activities to affected region i.e. acupuncture, applications of products with certified organic herbs, modernized cosmetology and procedures based on ancient principles as mentioned in classical text including Constitutional diet & Yoga. On examination by the concerned Doctor and on case taking these details are given to you as a routine procedure.