Skin Diseases

Freckles & Cholasma

Our skin has special pigment (melanin) producing cells called 'melanocytes'. Colour of the skin depends on quantity & quality of such pigments. Blemishes are the result of healing with residual hyper-pigmentation as darkening of the skin. These are a typical flat or brown spots with no fibrous texture or pitted quality. Most likely they represent the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation rather than true scars.

FAQs about Freckles and Cholasma

1. What is the difference between Freckles and Cholasma?

The truth is that both condition are caused by overactive pigment cells. These cells produce melanin a substance that darken the skin.

2. Can Freckles and Cholasma be treated 100%?

Freckles are discrete, grouped numerous light brown pigmented spots of the skin frequently seen on face and other sun exposed areas with red or blond individuals, asian people too. Freckles commonly stop spreading before adolescence and last for life but could sometimes be subtle in adulthood. Treatment is often requested for cosmetic use.

Chloasma as this means green skin ,the term melasma [brown skin] is preferred also called as mask of pregnancy. Dark patches of skin gradually develop on cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip. It is more common in women associated with pregnancy and medication containing hormones. Melasma is divided into three types epidermal,dermal and mixed.

Epidermal melasma is the most superficial with an increase in the skin pigment [melanin] in the top layer of skin in dermal melasma there is increased skin pigmentation in the second layer of the skin [dermis].mixed melasma is a combination of epidermal and dermal pigmentation.

The best treatment and prevention method for chloasma and freckles is to stay out of the sun. sunscreen may not be enough to deter this condition, so a wide-brimmed hat is also recommended. While most cases gradually fade excepting few.for them holistic wellness is recommended.

3. Can only creams and external application cure Freckles and Cholasma?

No, Freckles and Cholasma require complete correction internally also. Holistic modes where external, internal and Diet are employed to correct are required.

4. Can cosmetics increase my Freckles and Cholasma?

Yes, excessive use of greasy cosmetics, pomades and detergent increases the Pigmentation.

The management of freckles and chloasma is challenging and require long term treatment plan ,perseverance with treatment regime is required in order to see noticeable improvement skin condition particularly those that are overtly visible often have a profound effect on a daily functioning but there is little evidence documenting results with the use of cosmetics camouflage however many patients desire an immediate effect make sure to use hypoallergenic. Cosmetics to avoid any further skin problem as your skin is extra sensitive.

5. How important are external procedures like LASER important in treatment?

Melasma is a widely recognized cause of significant cosmetics disfigurement worldwide and in India , since its causes are multifactorial. With the advent of laser technology ,the treatment option have increased . choosing the appropriate laser and correct setting is vital. Appropriate maintenance therapy should be selected to avoid relapse of melasma.

They are very important as Freckles and Cholasma cannot be treated without the intervention of external procedures. We need to heal the pits and scars which is very difficult with only medicines.

6. Can you tell me some home care tips and local application for Freckles and Cholasma?

1. improve the general health with vegetable soups, sprouts
2. remove the active cause like obesity, sun exposure
3. berberis-a Q 10dropes every 8 hours is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines

7. How much will the treatment cost?

Exact treatment will be decided after consultation by doctor. Some of the treatments mentioned are:

Variation in skin pigmentation:

Blotches (chloasma)
Freckles (lentigo)
Mask of pregnancy
Ephelis (sunburn)

There are various causes for these pigmentation, they are:

Drug induced by drugs like barbiturates, sulfonamides, penicillin, oral contraceptive pills, etc.
Endocrinal disturbances.
Exposure to sun.
Congenital hyper-pigmentation.

Why Valeda? How are treatments at Valeda different from any conventional mode?

Basis of treatment at Valeda

The basis of treatment at Valeda is treating the problem through Holistic Modes.

A complete judicious program is required for the same.

Correction of such pigmentation disorder gives necessary morale boosting and this is provided to you at Valeda Wellness Centers. Treatments provided include internal Homeo Medicines, Laser, Acupuncture, Ultraviolet rays, Homeo puncture and researched external applications.

The problem is not just external, there are many other causative factors in some other internal areas which are thoroughly analyzed during your consultation before starting the treatment.

The causative factors may not be necessarily based into the affected region and may be associated with disorders of internal organs.

It is, 'the nature of the problem' that calls in for the strategy of the treatment which may include internal remedies supported by external modalities like:- localized immune-enhancer activities to affected region i.e. acupuncture, applications of products with certified organic herbs, modernized cosmetology and procedures based on ancient principles as mentioned in classical text including Constitutional diet & Yoga. On examination by the concerned Doctor and on case taking these details are given to you as a routine procedure.