Height growth treatment which gives permanent results!

Height Gain Treatment

The foundation of bones stature is laid down in the child hood itself. For adequate growth pattern of the child it is very important that all the factors responsible for the growth are present. Few known factors are:

Improper functioning of the thyroid glands. Thyroid glands affect all types of growth processes in the body therefore it plays a very significant role in the development of the body.

Heredity of a person plays a deciding factor in the height, it is seen that tall parents have tall kids and short parents have short offspring, although scientists are still in research.

The climatic conditions of the country also determine the height, as in England, France and America the average height of men varies from five feet to six feet and four inches. Height of women varies from four feet and nine inches to six feet. In Asia, the average height of Indian is slightly below the average height of the Europeans, whereas the average height in china and Japan is much less than what we find in India.

On several occasions your body shrinks on account of wrong posture and defective position of the various parts of the body and stars looking short.


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