What is the procedure of weight management ?

Weight Management Plan

A person is called obese when due to excessive increase of fat and has pendulous buttocks and abdomen. He also suffers from deficient metabolism and energy. This medorog comes under diseases caused by saturation i.e Santarpanja vikas; charka included obese person among eight whom as despicable.

Signs and symptoms
Fat accumulation in large quantity in the body makes the person in capable of all the activities.

● Makes breathing difficult even on slight expansion
● Excess thirst and Excess sleep
● Sudden catching of breath exhaustion even after doing lighten work
● Excessive hunger
● Proper time management to avoid stress at work and home.


At Valeda wellness center,Treaments are aimed at making the life style changes with non-steroidal, non-hormonal and non-surgical procedures supported with yoga ,acupuncture, laser and other modalities